PC135F-10MO, A New Development in Agro & Forestry Sector

Agro and forestry sector in Indonesia is now steadily growing due to the oil palm plantation projects for biodiesel production and industrial forestry projects for pulp and paper industry. To fulfil our customer's spesific requirements mainly in Agro and forestry sector in Indonesia, the Asia Development Center (ADC) in Komatsu Indonesia has established the first full machine of 13ton class hydraulic excavator named PC135F-10MO. This machine will be applied mainly in agro and forestry sector which require a low ground pressure and low fuel consumption but optimum in productivity. We completed the pre-production stage on December 13th, 2020 and we will continue to mass production stage to be launched officially at the beginning of 2021. PC135F-10MO is expected to be able to support our customer's productivity especially in tough jobsite in agro and forestry.