Komatsu Indonesia Assembly Plant

Komatsu Indonesia's Assembling Plant is equipped with a perk no other Komatsu assembly plant ever has.

There is a unique characteristic of Komatsu Indonesia’s Assembly Plant. Various models, starting from small, medium, and big sizes are produced in one long line is divided in the middle. The medium-sized machines are assembled to the right side, and the big ones go to the other side. The medium-sized machines line was established in 1996, and the big line was established after the expansion in 2010. The big line now covers the assembly process of HM400-3R, GD535, and HD785-7. Meanwhile, the PC2000 products are assembled in the bay line in the assembly plant.

In early 2023, Komatsu Indonesia expanded a new building in the Assembly Plant area which is known as the Komatsu Certified Machine Rebuild (KCMR) building. This building works as a facility as a means to assemble the reman units of Komatsu Indonesia which then will be distributed to customers.

Most units are distributed to domestic customers by our distributor, PT United Tractors, and the remaining are sold to the Southeast Asia distribution area.