Going Green

In the last few years, Komatsu Indonesia has been transforming digitally, combined with Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), and a focus on carbon neutrality.
Our Challenge

Assess the company's technology infrastructure and the readiness of our employees to adopt and adapt to digital tools and technologies.

Our Ambition

Implement energy-efficient practices and monitor energy consumption in real-time in Komatsu Indonesia. 

Sustainable Innovation

Solar Power Utilization

Proactively embraced the shift towards clean energy by installing solar roof panels.

Wind Power

Partnering up with the government research institution, BRIN (formerly BATAN), to produce electricity from exhaust gas waste in dust collectors.

Biogas Usance

Convert food and leaf waste into biogas using methanogenesis, serving as a flammable fuel for cooking and pantry use on-site.

Komatsu Monitoring Energy & Environment Control (KOMEEC)

Continuously tracking energy and water consumption in real-time, providing early notifications and prompt intervention in case of any anomalies, aiming to achieve reduction targets.