Komatsu Ltd. CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa Visits Indonesia, Marks New Production Milestones

Jul 05, 2023 • 5 minutes of read time
The CEO of Komatsu Ltd., Mr. Hiroyuki Ogawa, made his inaugural visit to Indonesia to assess the business landscape of Komatsu Group Indonesia

Jakarta, July 5th, 2023 — After the conclusion of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Hiroyuki Ogawa, the CEO of Komatsu Ltd., made his inaugural visit to Indonesia to assess the business landscape of Komatsu Group Indonesia. This marked his first visit to the country since the pandemic's end, signifying a pivotal moment for the company's operations in the region.

In a momentous occasion, Mr. Ogawa participated in a traditional Javanese ceremony known as 'Pecah Kendi,' symbolizing the commencement of production for the HM400 and D155 units. The ceremony, deeply rooted in Javanese culture, involved the breaking of a clay pot (Kendi) adorned with flowers and filled with water, symbolizing auspicious beginnings for the production process.

"I am delighted to witness this important milestone in Komatsu Group Indonesia's journey," remarked Mr. Ogawa during the ceremony. "The 'Pecah Kendi' tradition signifies not only the start of production but also a symbol of prosperity and success for our endeavors here."

As part of his visit, Mr. Ogawa actively engaged in the Leadership Development Program, a comprehensive lecture series designed for leaders across the Komatsu Group Indonesia. The program aims to provide valuable insights into the global business landscape and strategic planning for leaders within the organization.

The Leadership Development Program, conducted in a hybrid format, saw participation from leaders across various Komatsu Group Indonesia companies. Through interactive sessions and discussions, leaders gained a deeper understanding of the evolving business dynamics and strategies necessary for sustainable growth.

Mr. Ogawa's visit also included comprehensive inspections of Komatsu Indonesia's manufacturing plants, underscoring the company's commitment to operational excellence and quality control. From the plant in Cakung, North Jakarta, to the facilities in Cibitung and Cikarang, West Java, Mr. Ogawa closely examined the production processes and met with key personnel.

"The dedication and commitment of our teams in Indonesia are truly commendable," Mr. Ogawa stated. "I am confident that with our shared vision and determination, Komatsu Group Indonesia will continue to thrive and contribute significantly to the region's development."

The visit of CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa signifies a new chapter of growth and innovation for Komatsu Group Indonesia, reaffirming its position as a key player in the country's industrial landscape. With a focus on excellence and strategic leadership, the company looks ahead to a future marked by continued success and impactful contributions.

As Mr. Ogawa concluded his visit, the spirit of collaboration and determination echoed through the halls of Komatsu Group Indonesia, setting the stage for a promising trajectory of growth and prosperity.

Here's to a new era of achievement and progress for Komatsu Group Indonesia, guided by the vision and leadership of CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa.